Vojta Michael Shade



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Vojta Michael Shade CSB Motto: If you protect yourself from evil, how goodness can come to you? Japaneese wisdom

Profesional background: Somatic sexologist, Bodyworker and Bodyartist, Biodanza instructor, certified Kambo practisioner, Workshop facilitator

Founder of Life force Norway, Natural health center (2009) Natural freedom( tantric massage Oslo), Magic of touch(Tantric massage Trondheim), Mahalo- center for personal development( Pillsen, Czech republic)

His background comes from traditional technics of East and Hawaii in combination with modern approach of Tantra and Shamanism.
His main focus is on creating sessions as a journey into the landscape of humans emotions where they can be met in authentic expressions and being transformed into fresh vital energy.

He is author of several technics of bodywork and somatic coaching sessions which are always designed according the clients needs in each moment. Their aim is all from release of pain and tension in body to create the ability to set boundaries, healthy control, enter into our power and being able to communicate desires and needs.

He believes that bodywork can be one of the most direct ways into altered states of the mind and he creates a space for individuals and groups to go on that journey where you gain the trust and courage to face your shadows and fears and transform them in a healthy, safe and playful way into source of your personal power. He runs several bodywork centers in Europe and is currently attending workshops with the best teachers in order to improve his skills and share the knowledge with his team and colleagues.

What is my work about?

I see the human body as an instrument and myself as a musician virtuoso. Bodywork is the music which resonates on every string of your existence. With use of a broad scale of quality touch we can nourish every cell of your body with the essence of your being and bring up the vibrations that create your life exactly the way you want it.





Sensual shiatsu is inspired by an Japanese massage technique but it can create a much more intimate space between two people. Here the focus lies on positions which increase the physical contact, also it uses different qualities of touch like … (slow and more energetic movements, deep and more caressing touch)

The Massage contains a lot of stretches and special acupressure points which are serving in order to release emotions or open up sexual energies in the body. You can also learn how to massage with the intention of taking; with the use of consent you can give massages for your own benefits and increase in this way the pleasure of giving.
Sensual shiatsu is a free-style technique where you get some inspirations to create your own treatment.





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