Senzo M. & Annie



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Kind Doctor Senzo M is a French experimentalist and performer who works on the erotic mechanisms and the playful systems of our desires. As a "positive pervert", he enjoys sharing his passions of sex and eroticism, fed by games and drama, by uncertainties and risks, by paradox and humor. In order to benefit from this, his methods and tools are inspired by magical rites, mental manipulation, optical illusions, hypnosis or even modified states of consciousness.
Within the erosticratie he does performances (Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris), workshops, lectures and debates.
He coordinates the programming of the EroSphère workshops, the participatory erotic creativity festival held this year in Paris from 10 to 17 July.

Annie Fol became Senzo's doggygirl, but can sometime feel like a human being.






More and more kinky interactions are inspired by pet-personifying games: ponyplay, pup-play, kittenplay ... these role plays are based on a holisitic behavioral metamorphosis.
On the one hand, an owner gets responsibility for his pet and has to take care of it properly.
On the other hand, the animalized partner gets the chance to live his/her instincts fully and to control them under the orders and authority of the tamer.

He/she will know the luxury to voluntarily put his/her humanity « between brackets »: impossible to talk, to discuss, to escape punishment or to refuse the pleasure of a good reward. Education, training, taming are at the core of the relationship, but there are also simple and casual moments to share, whether while resting, walking or during a family reunion.

This workshop helps lay the foundations for such relationships : searching for the animal that corresponds to us and finding his/her personality, his/her preferences. Eroticising the power relationship, in order to move forward together towards complex attitudes and responses: playing, chasing, running, and of course, making love in all possible ways, taking advantage of being just an animal or a good pet owner.

Workshop schedule:
1) Emergence: Finding the erotic animal itself: cat, dog, horse, etc ... from our reflex attitudes
2) Eroticisation: Finding fun ways to reveal his/her sexuality and attractiveness
3) Establishing a duo or a trio: Identifying his master or mistress, trying to get through to him, to her ...
4) Training and Coaching: instant communication, reward and punishment, conditioned reflexes, instinctive behavior, biological control: food, primary needs ...
5) Sexualization and erotic use: licking, stroking, cuddling, eroticized caresses






Portrait-Photo: Eskal Ton ART' © 2016