Sasha Krohn



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Sasha Krohn is a Circus Performer & Dancer from London , who combines his physical skillset with topics about sexual expression/exploration. Sasha is mostly self-taught in Contemporary Dance, Aerial Straps Acrobatics and Hand Balancing, and allowed a lot of space for failure and learning to overcome limits by himself.
He's has been training and working with companies such as Punchdrunk, Aircraft Circus, Torture Garden, Dar Al Mamun etc, and recently worked closely with the fashion/surrealist photographer Nick Knight , presenting his Aerial Straps Act "Bare" at Knight's exhibition "A Beautiful Darkness" & filming for a "Beats Headphones" advert.

His work is heavily influenced by topics of sexuality such as Gender , Sexual Identity and Sexual Fluidity mixed with the aesthetic of Marie Chouinnard / Pina Bausch in order to create space for self expression, and inspiration.

Sashas' process to work on new materials starts with an internal process , in which Breath Work plays a major role to internalise the emotional level required, as well as to become fully physically aware.
Some techniques lend themselves from meditational backgrounds, others from Dance and Acrobatics, which he then uses to create his own dynamics and finally movements.





A workshop designed in and around the topics of conscious breathing to increase body awareness and control.

In this workshop we will work with different breathing techniques to concentrate on body awareness and opening up to a more focused physical sensations.

We will focus on all levels of physical control, from every day tasks and limits to sexual enhancement and control.

These techniques will then be practised in contemporary dance choreography (ALL levels welcome) and freestyle sessions to internalise and familiarise.











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