Rita Muehlenbrink



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Rita Mühlenbrink:  Born in 1962 in the year of the Tiger as well as the sign of the passionate Scorpio.

To meet people at different levels is my passion. As a Tantra masseuse, I live my heartfelt need to accompany women and men on their way in a vibrant and fulfilling sexuality. With devotion I create a space in which it is easily possible to let go and enjoy sensuality, security, tranquility and confidence.

I was always fascinated by sexual passions. Driven by the curiosity to explore the body as a temple of the soul, the spirit and sexuality, I have turned to bodywork and Tantra. Through many years, intensive practice and training in various methods such as body type work, tantric rituals and work in warm water I have awakened my senses and awareness.

It however became clear to me how much we have to deal with physical and emotional pain. I found out that a lot of fear, shame or shyness arise in puberty, i.e. at the time when Sexualtität is lived for "the first time". During this period of growth, also many physical blockages and tensions arise. In the workshop we will go back to that time and will experience some "first kisses" in a new way





Pain and pleasure - it starts with a kiss

We go back to the time of puberty, the time of first love, the time of the first kiss.
"A kiss must come from the heart and I have to feel that she wants me. We can not get enough of each other, forget everything around us, and when she's gone, I still feel her kisses still"
A workshop about kissing.

Please previously provide oral hygiene! With a kiss 60ml saliva + 80 million bacteria are exchanged; which is good for the immune system.








Photo:  © Rita Mühlenbrink