Nina & René

Rene Nina


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NinaNina works and unworks in different areas:
literature and academics, shiatsu, sports, and
finally, in the exciting world of bodywork and bodyplay.





René - was born in 1963 and grew up in one of Berlin's eastern suburbs, Confined to a middle-class conservative family and traumatized by the military service in the GDR's army. After a failed marriage, he started to break free. Climbing in "Sächsische Schweiz", exploring caves in various countries and - last but not least - the many ways of sexualizing dominance, pain and constraints did help.
Since ten years René practices Shiatsu, Bondageshiatsu, Craniosacral therapy and "Sense of Flow" full time. "Sense of Flow" is a bodywork that allows people to float in a big hanging scarf while being treated. The workshop drew some inspirations from this area of René's practice.





A play workshop, 'networking' in the truest sense of the word. In groups of two or three, we fix, tie up, bundle the (more or less) passive participants of the workshop. Starting from here, the (now) active participants begin spinning their web.
The cocoons, floating in the air or lying on the ground, are tied together and become interconnected.
Movements arise, impulses carry forward within the web. The former groups dissolve, new constellations evolve. The cocooned can stay within their pupation, passively transmitting the movements of the web. Or, they eclose and come into action. Instead of playing next to each other, we start playing with each other: Jointly we celebrate a corporeal LAN party, enjoying not to be wireless.

Please bring: ropes, scarves, toys



















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