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Nehra Stella is a French-Italian bisexual artist, mother and filmmaker, who longtime ago left Rome for Paris and in 2008 Paris for Berlin, which she considers to be her homeland.

In her work she explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, QUEER point of view.

She likes to wear a STRAP ON, she fancies boys with skirts and nail-polish, she loves all kind of girls, VAMPIRES, threesome, yoga, theater and dance and she actively militates against sexual exclusivity since she was 13 years old.

She is a fighter and she considers Monsanto, Pharmaceuticals Company and Capitalism as the REAL enemies.

She believes that ART and SEX can change the world.




BOYS GET FUCKED IN THE ASS / LEVEL 2 - together with Mistress ArcanaNehra WS1

After the memorable success of “Boys Get Fucked in the Ass“ at Berlin xplore 2014, Nehra Stella is back, this time accompanied by the wonderful Mistress Arcana from Melbourne, Australia, an expert in Anal Pleasuring.

They will combine their expertise to introduce you to the art of Anal Fisting.

As the title indicates the workshop is conceived for “girls” who wish to learn how to fist “boys”. Nevertheless – as in all workshops at xplore – you are welcome to freely choose the role you want to take on.

So no matter your biological gender, your taste or your identity, we invite you to come to play with us, to discover and practice the many ways to play with your and someone else’s butt.




Nehra Stella would love to precise that the workshop’s title “Boys get fuck in the ass“ refers to a personal motivation and a provocative invitation to all “Born Male“ to get more often FUCKED in the ASS by their FEMALE or FEMALE IDENTIFYING PARTNERS.

This Nehra’s personal fetish (probably resoult of her franco-italien origins, her revolutionary feminist upbringing and her personal envie of the phallus) has as only intention to question the legitimacy of the Tabu (very diffuse in Southern cultures) around CIS-MALE ANAL PENETRATION.

NEVERTHELESS the workshop is open to ALL GENDER, BINARY AND NON and every participants will have total FREEDOM to choose the ROLE he/she/it/they want to play. Also the possibility to SWITCH role during before and after the beginning of the workshop is welcomed.







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