John Hawken



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John Hawken took a first at Cambridge, studied experimental theatre with Grotowski at the Theatre Laboratory, and taught drama before training as a humanistic psychotherapist specializing in energy and bodywork, with a private practice in Germany for ten years.

He trained with Margot Anand as a licensed teacher of SkyDancing Tantra, has taught tantra full time for 20 years, founding SkyDancing UK in 1992, and has taught over 30 year-long singles and couples trainings in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic. He specialises in working with couples on strengthening and deepening their relationship, and in very grounded existential tantra which integrates the light and the dark, the heaven and the earth, the spirit and the body. He teaches both couples and singles how to find one´s power, how to take more pleasure out of life and the key for all of this: how to open one´s heart. John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe.

John Hawken was for 5 years a member of the the shamanic lodge led by Arwyn Dreamwalker, where he studied the twisted hair shamanic path, which weaves together Celtic and Native American tribal traditions. He specialises in creating shamanic earth rituals in sacred sites such as stone circles as in Magical Cornwall, Tantric temples on his India pilgrimage, Goddess sites on his Mary Magedlene pilgrimage or power places in Magical Bohemia. He has a passion for the ritual of shamanic healing circles and currently runs shamanic lodges in both the UK and Czech republic.





We explore using the whip to move energy through the whole body, creating a pleasurable sense of expansion. The body is the cello, the whip the bow, and the energy the music. Then we use the whip to release the held back energy in the spine, letting it flow into the sex and into the heart. Finally standing we send energy up the spine to create a sense of expanded consciousness, of ecstasy.














This workshop explores the importance of transgression in the anal stage of sexuality to feel oneself as an individual. The excitement of being naughty and being punished with loving contact and not by the withdrawal of love affirms our sense of self and creates the base for daring to be ourselves.