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David Bruce Leonard is the founder of the Earth Medicine Institute and practitioner and teacher of all five branches of traditional Chinese medicine:
- Acupuncture
- Herbal medicine
- Massage
- Food medicine
- Martial arts

A student of sacred sexuality all of his adult life, David has also studied traditional medicines with healers in Asia, North and South America, and Hawai’i. With a Master's Degree in traditional Chinese medicine, he has a working knowledge of more than 400 traditional Hawaiian, Chinese, and Western plants. A deep ecologist and Hawaiian plant specialist, he has been a student of Hawaiian medicine under Kahu Kawika Ka’alakea, Kaipo Kaneakua and Na Kupuna 'O Hawai'i since 1992.

David is the author of "How to Worship the Goddess and Keep Your Balls: A Man's Guide to Sacred Sex", "Medicine at Your Feet: Healing Plants of the Hawaiian Kingdom", and "Wild Wisdom: Listening From Heart of Nature".
His main passions are Daoist Sacred Sexuality, Personal Safety, Trauma Resolution, and Plant Medicine.





In this workshop David will present RIVERS OF LOVE, system of intimate therapeutic bodywork bodywork for couples. A 30 minute lecture and demonstration will be followed by a Rivers of Love hands-on class, teaching how to initiate and increase sexual arousal through bodywork on the neck, including a theoretical explanation of its effect on the Vagus (\10th cranial) nerve and the nervous system.








Rivers of Love from David Bruce Leonard on Vimeo




This is a personal safety and self defense class based on the work of Matt Thomas, Bill Kipp, and Sanford Strong. David will do a demonstration of the high-adrenaline, full-contact, scenario-based training taught at the Earth Medicine Institute. We will then discuss personal safety, the mindset of a predator, and practice techniques that use voice and body language to deescalate a dangerous situation.









 Self Protection - Earth Medicine Institute from David Bruce Leonard on Vimeo.