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My name is Arcana. I am creative. I am an Intuitive. I am erotic and I want to play.

I am a 30 year old queer women and I have been exploring the realms of queer sex and BDSM for over half of my life. I have a background in dance and have been a sex worker for the past decade. Creating consensual intimate exchange is a key element of my life both professionally and privately.

I am a sought-after professional Dominatrix based in Melbourne Australia. After completing my formal Domina training in 2012, I have worked and travelled the world looking for and finding those who continue to facilitate my BDSM learning journey. In that time I have shared my skills and knowledge with many and I am excited to share more with you.

The essence of these exchanges empower and reward me. These interactions give me strength and ground me. I have passion for all elements of BDSM. I love all forms of fetish, from the familiar to the very unique. I am naturally dominant. I love kink. I love tease. I love sex.

Your fetishes, your fantasies, your carnal urges intrigue and inspire Me. I want to introduce kink to first timers and new activities to experienced players, all genders, all sexualities.





“Bondage and Discipline; Domination and Submission; Sadism and Masochism”

Lets understand these words so we can have an accessible common language to use with confidence and sass. Lets be empowered to focus on intentionally slowing a scene down and lets learn to hold the space. Lets discover that less can be more. And that suspense is agonizingly hot.

I like the strength in simplicity and will show you ways to create strong scenes that need no special tools or instruments. Your body and your mind are more then enough.

In this workshop I will teach some skills in extreme tease using, attitude, mood, words, tone, eye contact and sexual training. This will be an exploration in hands free and hands only domination, which can include things like orgasm control/edging, breath play, sensory deprivation, human objectification and basic bondage.

You can expect to leave this workshop feeling enabled to explore your own kinks and have the initial steps of creating your own unique BDSM tool kit and foreplay menu.

This workshop is practical and will be hands on. It is open to people of all genders, all sexualities and all abilities. I do however ask that you come with a play partner who you know you are comfortable with and have pre negotiated consent/boundaries before. Due to a limited time frame there will be no switching however I will be running the workshop multiple times so you are invited to return and switch then if desired. Wear something that turns you on because that is a great way to start any play.




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